Atmosphere and Color

Original Artwork Series by Carrie C. Becker


Own your signed and numbered copy of my new digital design series titled “Atmosphere and Color”. The goal for this project is to create 50 original art pieces, that will be featured in signed and numbered lot of 50 prints.

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Let the Eagle Soar #2

“Let the Eagle Soar #2” is a second political satire piece of the same name. This piece evokes imagery that matches John Ashcroft’s self-written “Let the Eagle Soar” of the early 2000s. An overly patriotic and embarrassing ditty, Ashcroft was dreaming of a mighty bird while openly condemning bare-breasted statues of the female figure all whilst war-mongering.

Cats and Cars

Who doesn’t love kitties and classic automobiles? Cats and cars is a playful subseries that unites hotrods, VW’s, and beautiful Amazonian felines.


"Brooks" is a piece dedicated to my Grandmother who spent most of her life on the nautical community of Clear Lake Shores, Texas. A theme of fish brings back memories of fresh Gulf seafood, a regular staple at intimate dinners and annual bonfire parties alike.

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