Stop Rewind Design

Presents an Original Artwork Series by Carrie Becker


“Atmosphere and Color” is a digital design series by Denver artist, Carrie Becker. Using themes ranging from cute to creepy, this collection follows lush color schemes and airy dives into texture and space.

With over 50 pieces and growing, lovers of the collaged bizarre are sure to spot a must-have.

Own your signed and numbered copies today.

Cats and Cars

Who doesn’t love kitties and classic automobiles? Cats and cars is a playful subseries that unites hotrods, VW’s, and beautiful Amazonian felines.

The Visitors

What if I told you I saw a ufo?

I was on the shores of Pace Bend Park with a large group of friends. The night was still and jolly. Suddenly, the entire sky lit up for a nanosecond and I saw the undercarriage of a very large aircraft. The entire cove of campers collectively gasped. Then it was gone.

That moment was the inspiration behind the subseries of The Vistors.


Doomsday is inspired by one of the best movie genres of all time. End of the world. 

Cloverfield and Children of Men are gems for the imagination. Even the cheesy, overly produced ones carry a smidge of merit.

This collection finds beauty in surreal chaos. 

Tarot Card Design

I have been dabbling in Tarot and decided to make my own Major Arcana cards. These are not for sale, but are on display for your viewing pleasure.

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