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When I was a young girl, my aunt Jamie drew realist still life pieces using charcoal, pencil, and pastels. I thought she hung the moon, between the art and the Steve Miller 8-tracks, she was my very first inspiration. She taught me that art and creativity are attainable. Every day at every hour. It lifted my fear of trying and the drive to live creatively became woven into the person I am today.

I never reached the realist heights that aunt Jamie did with her works. Instead, I headed down a windy road of exploration in several mediums and settling with a handful that had to agree with my patience and pocketbook. 

These mediums include digital design, found object art, and illustration. 

Digital Design

Over the past year I have been working with creative apps on an iPad. I love the analog design of a collage piece, but there is something gratifying about the immediacy of digital design apps. They are created for quick turn around and I have enjoyed some of the simplicity of these tools.

Currently, I am printing a series of limited edition prints of my digital designs while having a blast turning out art at a pace I thought was unachievable.

I would like to thank the creator of Bazaart app, Stas Goferman. His vision has fostered an entire creative community and created a new medium I am loving. 

Artist CV

Curated Shows

1998: Co-Curated All Talk Stacy Multimedia Art Experience, Gallery Lombardi, Austin Texas
2004: Curated Multimedia OK Beth NYE Art Experience, Tillery Place Studios, Austin, Texas

Group Shows

1997: Mojos Coffee House – Installation Piece, Austin Texas
1997: Les Amis – Employee Art Show, Austin Texas
1998: Manor Road Coffee House – Temporary Exhibit, Austin, Texas
1998: Rutamaya Coffee – Temporary Exhibit, Austin, Texas
2002: East Austin Studio Tour – Wade Beesley Studios
2006: Epoch Coffee Art Show – Temporary Exhibit, Austin, Texas
2007: Jerry’s Artarama – Employee and Friend Art Show, Austin, Texas
2008: The Swallow Show – Club DeVille, Austin Texas
2009: Myth of Sisyphus- Club Deville, Austin Texas
2011: Elements and Action – Bolm Studios, Austin, Texas
2018: The Sketchbook Project –  “Los Amates” Brooklyn Art Library, Brooklyn, NY
2019: The Sketchbook Project – Brooklyn Art Library, Brooklyn, NY
2019: Roar -Seasons Sub-Series, Portland Oregon


2000: The Heretic Zine No.3, The Works of Carrie Becker, Austin, Texas


Additional Commentary

 One of my favorite shows was curated by Dolly Daly at the late great Club DeVille. The theme of the show was “Swallow”. 

I had been thinking about a pill bottle lightbox for years. Now I had a reason to build it. I had broken down an antique record player that had survived a fire, so the box and its parts stood alone. I had been collecting pill bottles, and experimenting with various lighting treatments.

When it finally came together, I titled it “Miles and Miles”. It is a commentary piece on an over-medicated American society that keeps with the theme of “Swallow”. 

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